Foodilicious Kitchen officially opened for business on 15th June 2013. Our dedicated chefs are capable in creating succulent and savory recipes. We cook just as how we like to eat our food and we would like our customers to enjoy it as much as we do. Passion and love together with the freshest of ingredients, we  treat our customers with some of the best homemade cooking we can offer.

Humbly started from Western food and now we offer more varieties such as Extremely rare Authentic Traditional Malay Food (Catering-Tempoyak Udang and out of this world Rendang Minang). Don't forget to try our most famous Signature Dish 7 Spices Lamb Chop (Voted the best Lamb Chop in Malaysia)

Foodilicious Kitchen has been operated for 3 years.
✔ Top 5 Must Go Restaurant by Hungry Go Where
✔ Pilihan TV3 Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (2014)
✔ Ranked no 1 from 194 Restaurants in Shah Alam (TripAdvisor 2014)
✔ Foodilicious Penuhi Bajet Minimum Pengunjung from Kosmo (2014)
✔ Sizzling with Taste, Life Time and Food by News Straits Times (2015).
✔ Established food bloggers such as Pure Glutton, Chasing Food Dreams, LuvFeelin and many more.

We provide
✔ Catering Service
✔ Lunch Box
✔ Dinner Box
✔ Set Sahur
✔ Set Berbuka Puasa
✔ Door to Door Delivery
✔ Premium Chocolate Cake Brownies

Please contact or whatsapp 012-716 6300 for more details.

Your #1 Choice for Excellent Food & Catering Service

Like our customers always said:
If i dont eat
I go mad
I cannot sleep
I cannot drink
I cannot work
I cannot study

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